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Equipment Guidelines

Equipment for HEMA can be both confusing and expensive. We highly recommend attending a class and chatting about your goals, weapon preferences, and more before purchasing ANY equipment.


As a general rule, always plan on wearing athletic attire you can move comfortably in, and closed toed athletic shoes. Your first investment will be "personal gender-specific athletic protection" - an athletic cup most commonly, or breast protector

As a HEMA Alliance Affiliate club, we adhere STRICTLY to the HEMA Alliance safety policy - the HEMAA Safety Policy can be found by clicking here.

Our free play/fencing is split into tiers based on goals and intensity, and the gear requirements are listed below. 

Free fencing/sparring Tiers and MINIMUM Associated Gear Required

(all tiers require sex/gender specific protection, as stated above)

Tier 0 - Foam/Soft weapons

  • Fencing Mask

  • Gloves (lacrosse/Red Dragon or better)

Tier 1 - Light Synthetic (above-the-waist targeting, no thrusting, light contact)

  • Fencing Mask

  • Plastic Chest Protector or HEMA Jacket

  • Rigid Elbows

  • Gloves (lacrosse/Red Dragon or better)

Tier 2 - Medium Synthetic (full body target, light contact)

  • Fencing Mask w/ Back of Head Protection

  • Plastic Chest Protector or HEMA Jacket

  • Rigid Elbow/Knee Protection

  • Gloves (Red Dragon or better)

Tier 3 - Standard Synthetic / Steel Fencing

  • Fencing Mask w/ Back of Head Protection

  • 350N Minimum Fencing/HEMA Jacket (rigid chest protector optional for padded jackets, but recommended)

  • Rigid elbow/knee protection

  • Shin/forearm protection (recommended for light contact, required for standard intensity sparring)

  • Gorget/rigid throat protection

  • Gloves (Light padded gloves for complex hilted rapiers, baskets, etc.; Red Dragon or better for sidesword/open hilt saber; Sparring Gloves/SPES Heavy Gloves for longsword/open hilted swords;)

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