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We are currently located at:

926 E 124th Ave

Unit B

Tampa FL 33612

Look for the Team Dynamite Productions sign over the door, and/or the BFH sign on the door.


Park anywhere in front of Unit B, including in front of the roll-up doors.

You may park in front of other units, but DO NOT block any of the other roll-up doors, and avoid parking in front of units that are working/operating currently.

Parking in the grass along 124th Ave is also available.


Schedule (as of August 2022)

See the calendar below for a detailed schedule.


630 - 730 Rapier & Single-handed Sword Class

730 - 830 Open Fencing


630 - 730 Longsword & Meyer Class

730 - 830 Open Fencing


Coming to your first lesson?


New or prospective club members may come and observe on any evening, however, new students planning to participate must start on the first class of each month (first Monday for one-handed swords, first Thursday for longsword). The first class of the month of each type will be dedicated to introductory material. REMINDER: Club members must be 18 years of age or older and expect to participate in mild-to-moderate athletic activity, at minimum.


Make sure to join our Facebook group and subscribe to notifications to keep an eye out for any announcements regarding classes. If a class is ever canceled we will post about it there and remove it from the calendar below. Classes include warm-ups, drills, partner techniques, and more. Open fencing sessions require appropriate sparring equipment and are dedicated to fencing/sparring.

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