Black Flag HEMA is a Historical European Martial Arts club located in the Northdale/Carrollwood area of Tampa, FL. Our key philosophy is "Equality, bravery, and exploration." Members of the club are expected to treat each other as equals, be brave against both opponents and personal hurdles, and always be exploring new interpretations, texts, techniques, and methods to better themselves and the club.


We consider ourselves a "club" and not a "school"  - the goal is for all members to explore the subject material through research and application, and to pass this knowledge on to each other.


Club curriculum can vary significantly. The longsword curriculum is primarily derived from the works of 16th Century master Joachim Meyer, which has led to the study of the dussack and dagger curriculums and cross-comparison with contemporary masters. The rapier curriculum is primarily developed from Capo Ferro's 1610 Manuscript, especially Guy Windsor's interpretations and translations, although there is the occasional bit of Giganti or Fabris as well. Saber/broadsword curriculum begins with Allanson-Winn's Sabre Exercise for foundations, and then moves to more complex sources like Roworth, Taylor or McBane.


Black Flag HEMA is a HEMA Alliance Affiliate Club.


About Black Flag HEMA

Founder/Lead Instructor: Alexander Craddock


With the rich Tampa Bay tradition of swashbuckling pirates, Black Flag HEMA was founded by Tampa-native Alexander Craddock with the goal of creating an inclusive, practical, and exciting environment to practice HEMA in the North Tampa area.


Alexander began learning sword work and martial arts as a stage combatant in 2006, which would eventually include Kunst des Fechtens, Northern Shaolin, Italian Rapier, classical fencing and several other disciplines