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Class Information

Your first class with BFH is always free - so feel free to come out and participate or just observe and see what HEMA is all about!


Class Costs (as of September 2018)


$20 per class paid at the beginning of each class


$60 for a 4-class pack (Four classes for the price of three!)​


Black Flag HEMA, like all HEMA Alliance Affiliate Clubs, is a 501c3 non-profit organization - all club fees go directly towards loaner gear, location, and club resources.


How to Make Payment

Payment may be made in cash in person or via PayPal to Please include "Black Flag HEMA" and in the notes, and send as "Friends and Family" if paying by PayPal.



Classes are held twice weekly on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Monday's class is currently focused on Rapier, Sidesword, and other single-handed swords. Thursday's classes are focused on Longsword (primarily utilizing Meyer as a source, with the incorporation of earlier Lichtenauer sources as well).


Make sure to join our Facebook group and subscribe to notifications to keep an eye out for any announcements regarding classes. Our sessions include warm-ups, partner drills, group instruction, technique review, and light sparring.





We are now co-located with Tampa Bay Fencers at the Northdale Recreation Center - 15550 Spring Pine Dr Tampa FL 33624 - or click here for directions. We are (normally) in the large gym, with access from either the front or rear parking lot.

Current Special Workshops/Classes


SPECIAL - "Intro to Longsword" January 2018  - Start the new year off right!

SOLD OUT FOR JANUARY 2018 - keep an eye out for the next INTRO CLASS

Come out and learn the fundamentals of longsword in the tradition of Joachim Meyer and the martial history of the Holy Roman Empire during the Renaissance. We will go through the primary cuts, guards, and footwork of the system, as well as solo drills, partner drills, fencing fundamentals, and some open free play so you can get a feel for sparring in the future if you decide to continue.

This class is best suited for those with little or no experience in the German longsword traditions, as we will primarily be covering basics and introductory concepts.

This class is limited to a maximum of 8 participants - 
first come (i.e. first paid) first served.

Classes for this 5-week offering are Tuesday evenings from 6:30 PM to 
8:30 PM starting January 2, 2018 and taking place every Tuesday in January. Classes are located in the Northdale area (address is private and will be provided to paid participants).

The cost for the Introduction to Longsword five-week course is $50 - that's just $10 per class, a discount for new students!

All class fees must be paid in advance - please include a note that you are registering for the January Introduction to Longsword class.

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