Black Flag HEMA is a Historical European Martial Arts club in Tampa, FL focusing on longsword, rapier, saber, dussack, and the overall martial traditions of Europe and the West from the 16th through the 19th century.

We're the place to be in Tampa if you're looking to:

  • learn to fight based on historical sources

  • add realism to your stage/screen combat

  • study techniques, drills, and actively fence opponents

  • explore parts of history you may never have known

  • push yourself to achieve things you never thought possible

We have loaner swords available for lessons and meet at the Northdale Rec Center on Mondays. Come out and try your hand at fighting like a knight, a pirate, or whatever you like - your first class is always free to participate or simply come and observe! Visit our Class Information page for more details on when to come out to your first class, or take a look at the Equipment Page for more information on what you need to come and visit us to fence.